An Interview with Harold Holzer on “Monument Man”

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An Interview with Harold Holzer regarding his new book, Monument Man: The Life and Art of Daniel Chester French [“As one of the foremost living authorities on Abraham Lincoln, Harold Holzer has long straddled the crossroads of history and art with his own inimitable brand of scholarship.  Not surprisingly, in this grandly illustrated and beautifully written […]

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The Debate over the Debates: Debating Those Debates: The Historians Weigh In

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Moderated by Harold Holzer A public sensation in the seven Illinois towns that hosted them—reprinted in the press at the time, in book form shortly thereafter, and in many edi­tions since—the 1858 Lincoln-Doug­las debates are remembered today, 160 years after they took place, as a political and cultural phenomenon. But as much as they attracted […]

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A Seldom Seen “Emancipator”


Few artists did more to cement the reigning nineteenth-century image of Abraham Lincoln as “Great Emancipator” than Francis B. Carpenter, whose monumental canvas, The First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation Before the Cabinet, won critical acclaim on national tour beginning in 1864 and inspired an 1866 engraving that remained a best seller for decades.

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