The Rolland Center

The Rolland Center: A Legacy of Scholarship

The Rolland Center for Lincoln Research is a program of the Friends of the Lincoln Collection in Indiana, Inc. in collaboration with the Allen County Public Library and the Indiana State Museum & Historic Sites. This program focuses on renewing and enhancing knowledge of the life and times of Abraham Lincoln through a timely suite of educational and professional activities.

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The Rolland Center for Lincoln Research

  1. Creates and maintains professionally-designed, physical exhibit space at the Allen County Public Library that will feature exhibits of Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection items curated by the Allen County Public Library and the Indiana State Museum & Historic Sites in order to provide the collection with a greatly enhanced level of exposure, to raise its visibility in Fort Wayne and to complement the exceptional exhibits created at regular intervals by the Indiana State Museum and the permanent presence of the collection in the core galleries there;
  2. Underwrites an active scholar-in-residence program to expand existing Lincoln scholarship and inspire individuals of all ages to study and better understand Abraham Lincoln, his life and times through the use of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection and other scholarly sources;
  3. Supports the acquisition of additional items for the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, in keeping with the existing acquisition policy, in furtherance of public exhibits and enhanced research opportunities;
  4. Enables the publication of unique scholarly works and marketing pieces to enhance both scholarly and general interest exposure to the incomparable Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection; and
  5. Collaborates in shared events, publications, and activities with other national Lincoln-related organizations.