Looking to engage students with the history of Abraham Lincoln and the Lincoln Collection? Check out these videos by the Lincoln Collection experts.


History in Brief: The Election of 1864

Learn about the issues and outcomes of the presidential election of 1864.

(Run Time: 1:53)

History in Brief: The Lincoln/Douglas Debates

Learn about the 7 formal debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas in 1858. (Run Time: 2:56)

History in Brief: John Brown

Learn about the life of John Brown, an abolitionist leader and activist. (Run Time: 3:15)

History in Brief: The Emancipation Proclamation

Learn about President Abraham Lincoln’s role in the emancipation of the enslaved people of the United States of America. (Run Time: 2:41)

Kids Want to  Know: Abraham Lincoln

This internationally known collection of Lincolniana and related materials include thousands of objects, 19th-century photographs, books, documents, and art related to Abraham Lincoln and his times. (Run time: 6:48)

Behind-the-Scenes: Lincoln Election of 1860

Did you know Abraham Lincoln didn’t actually actively campaign to become president of the United States? Presidential candidates of the time usually did not campaign themselves as it would have been considered too ambitious! Learn more about Abraham Lincoln and the election of 1860 in this behind-the-scenes video featuring artifacts from the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection at the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. (Run time: about 10 mins)

Behind-the-Scenes: Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection

Did you know Abraham Lincoln worked in several different professions as a young man? Learn more about Lincoln’s careers prior to becoming president in this behind-the-scenes video highlighting objects from the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection at the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. (Run time: 6:12)

Tad Lincoln’s Toy Soldiers

What did rambunctious little boys living in the White House do for fun during the 1860s? Well, Tad and Willie Lincoln liked to cause mischief! Watch as Senior Curator of Social History Dale Ogden shows off some of Tad’s favorite toys. (Run time: 2:14)