On Display Now

Three large exhibit cases in the Rolland Center for Lincoln Research are available for public viewing any time the Center is open. The displays cover three themes:

Civil War & Slavery

The Civil War & Slavery case features photos of generals and soldiers as well as documents on slavery. Featured items include imperial prints of Generals Grant and McClellan and a Lincoln-signed document approving the discharge of a Union soldier just four days before his death.

Lincoln as a Wartime President

This display is a brief highlight of items from Lincoln’s election through his assassination. Included items are election tickets, inauguration materials, a print of the First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation Before the Cabinet, two Lincoln-signed letters, and a host of assassination related items from a photo of Ford’s Theatre to artifacts of public mourning.

The Lincoln Family Album

The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection is the only collection in the world to have the contents of the Lincoln Family Album. This case highlights family materials in the family album as well as other sources, from a photo of Lincoln’s stepmother down to the last generation of Lincolns, who were his great-grandchildren.


Coming Soon!

Three cases displaying Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection items are in development at the Allen County Public Library (900 Library Plaza, Fort Wayne, IN) in the Fine Books Room Vault.

Case 1: Lincoln Occupations

Case 2: Soldiers

Case 3: Abolitionism