Lesson Plans

This expanding resource of lesson plans centered around Abraham Lincoln, using elements of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection whenever possible, is offered to help educators with classroom or home teaching.

The Civil War Escape Room, Grades 7-9

This lesson plan is a beginning level or introduction to the Civil War unit. It features (5) activities that allow the students to move around the room, and create maps and timelines. Each activity must be completed in order and there is a “code” that unlocks the next activity. The classroom teacher can decide whether or not to time the activities.  By the end of the lesson students should be able to:

  • Identify Key figures from the Civil War
  • Order and identify some of the main events in the Civil War
  • Label and identify landmarks on the U.S. Map

Lincoln & The Civil War, Escape Room_Lesson Plan

The Election of 1860: A Four-Way Race, Grades 5-8

This lesson covers the election of 1860, offering students a chance to uncover the thoughts and ideas of not just the presidential candidates but also the average men and women of the time. This lesson will include three worksheets introducing the candidates and their platforms, which will lead the students to their final project. Each student or group (the teacher can choose whether students work together or individually) will be assigned one of the presidential candidates and give a presentation. The student or group must also choose two of the following to include in their campaign presentation: write a campaign song or create a campaign banner, button, political cartoon, or poster. By the end of the lesson students should be able to:

  • Identify the candidates running for president in 1860
  • Explain each of the candidates’ platforms
  •  Interpret election maps and charts
  • Identify the role of the 1860 election on the start of the Civil War

Lincoln_Election of 1860_Lesson Plan

Abraham Lincoln and Indiana, Grades 3-5

In this lesson, students will learn about how Abraham Lincoln and his family came to Indiana, how Indiana impacted him, and how Indiana impacted Lincoln’s presidency. This lesson will include three activities introducing what life was like on the Indiana frontier, how townships formed, and how Indiana citizens helped aid President Lincoln during the Civil War. By the end of the lesson students should be able to:

  • Explain the impact the State of Indiana had on President Abraham Lincoln both at a young age and throughout his presidency.
  • Explain how townships developed and how they played an important role in the settlement of Indiana.
  • Interpret historical events in a first-person narrative.

Lincoln & Indiana LFFC Lesson Plan