Primary Source Guide: The Election of 1860 Manuscripts, Speeches, & Documents

Manuscripts, Speeches, & Documents

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Election Tickets

1860 Republican Ticket 71.2009.085.00028
National Democratic Ticket 71.2009.085.00007












Southern Democratic Ticket 71.2015.027.00001
Constitutional Union Ticket 71.2009.085.00006















Speeches & Manuscripts

Substance of a speech by Hon. John C. Breckinridge: Delivered in the Hall of the House of Representatives, at Frankfort, Kentucky, December 21, 1859 71.2009.084.00468
The Republican Party Vindicated–The Demands of the South Explained: Speech of Hon. Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, at the Cooper Institute, New York City, February 27, 1860 71.2009.084.03298
Stephen A. Douglas, Popular Sovereignty in the Territories: The Dividing Line between Federal and Local Authority 71.2009.084.05706
Constitutional Union Party Address to the People of the United States 71.20093.084.08849