Primary Source Guide: The Election of 1864 Manuscripts, Speeches, & Documents

Manuscripts, Speeches, & Documents

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Letter from A. Lincoln to Gen. Sherman 71.2009.083.00100 Lincoln requests but does not order General William T. Sherman to allow soldiers from Indiana to return to Indiana to vote in the October election. The letter was hand-carried and delivered to Sherman’s headquarters by William Mitchell, a former Indiana congressman.
Letter from Solomon M. Barnes to Elizabeth Barnes 71.2009.083.1009 Barnes talks of movements around Atlanta, the good supply of food, and the popularity of Abraham Lincoln during the election.















Letter from Jacob O. Wilson to Samuel Thomas 71.2015.101.0006 Wilson writes although the vast majority of Union soldiers voted for President Abraham Lincoln in the election of 1864, there were many who did not. Jacob O. Wilson, who was a private in Co. H of the 198th Pennsylvania Regiment, supported Gen. George B. McClellan for president.

Election Tickets:

McClellan and Pendleton Ticket 71.2009.085.00012
National Union Ticket 71.2009.085.00008

















Regiment Election Tally 71.2009.083.00870 ‘Whole number of votes cast for Lincoln and McClennan.’ Lists numbers of votes for 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 11th regiments of an unidentified corps with a number for Lincoln’s majority (416) over McClellan. Undated but assumed to be documentation for the election of 1864. Figuring on reverse.