Past Rolland Lectures

2012­—James H. Madison on “Three Reasons Why Lincoln Is My Hero”

2013—Sara Gabbard on “1863: Lincoln’s Pivotal Year”

2014—Bill Bartelt on “Reflections of Lincoln’s Youth in Indiana”

2015—David Reynolds on “Killing John Brown, Killing Lincoln: Secrets of the Assassination”

2016—Judge Randall Shepard on “What Indiana Civic Life Likely Taught Young Mr. Lincoln”

2017—Mitch Daniels on “Divided We Fail: The Importance of Civil Discourse in the Nation’s Polarized Political Climate”

2018—Wendy Allen on “Searching for the Exact Location of America’s Soul: An Artist’s Pursuit”

2019—Harold Holzer and Craig Symonds on “Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt: A Conversation on Presidential Leadership”

[2020, 2021 no Rolland Lecture]

2022—Susannah Koerber on “Agency and Urgency: Lincoln, the Black Community, and the Fight for Emancipation and Citizenship”

2023—James Oakes on “Dueling Constitutions”