Lincoln’s Life: From Midwest to Best

Title: Lincoln’s Life: From Midwest to Best

Topic: Abraham Lincoln’s Life Overview

Description: Abraham Lincoln is known as a strong leader and as a model president. But what made him this way? Learn more about Abraham Lincoln as a boy, his upbringing, his time as a lawyer, and how he eventually became one of the most recognizable presidents in history.

Target Audience: Elementary and Middle School

Indiana State Standards:

1.1.8 (1st grade: Distinguish between historical fact and fiction in American folktales and legends that are part of American culture)

4.1.8 (4th grade: Summarize the impact of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency on Indiana and describe the participation of Indiana citizens in the Civil War)

8.1.30 (8th grade: Using primary and secondary sources, analyze an issue confronting the United States from colonial times through the Reconstruction period)

Outcomes: Students will be able to explain Lincoln’s early life and how it influenced him as a leader and president. Students will learn from primary sources Lincoln’s personal thoughts and comments and will be able to recognize his specific handwriting and signature. Students will learn about Lincoln’s preservation and leadership styles through his time as our president during the Civil War.

Evaluation: A post-presentation Q&A with the class will determine outcomes; a questionnaire will be sent out to teacher/class to complete either onsite or electronically after the presentation.