Strength in Differences: Lincoln’s Cabinet and Generals  

Title: Strength in Differences: Lincoln’s Cabinet and Generals    

Topic: Lincoln’s leadership skills; working with diverse groups of individuals

Description: Lincoln is known for his ability to work successfully with a wide range of individuals to execute winning strategies during the Civil War. His cabinet consisted of politicians from both parties who typically would not be working together. Learn more about the importance of engaging different individuals and various points of view to arrive at a successful strategy and accomplish meaningful goals through the collection’s primary and secondary source documents.

Target Audience: Upper Middle School students, High School students

Indiana State Standards:

4.1.8 (4th grade: Summarize the impact of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency on Indiana and describe the participation of Indiana citizens in the Civil War)

IS 1.7 (High School: Analyze how the Civil War affected men, women, and children on the home front. Explain how those on the home front helped the war effort)

I.S. 1.36 (High School: Analyze multiple, unexpected and complex causes and effects of events in the past)

ICOM 1.2 (High School Communication: Assess and understand the impacts of a communication product on individuals, society, and the environment)

Outcomes: Students will be able to see and comprehend how different perspectives, thoughts, and experiences can collectively lead to better decisions. Students will identify primary sources and use them directly to draw conclusions about different subject matters. Students will be able to understand the complex issues surrounding the Civil War from a variety of perspectives.

Evaluation: A post-presentation Q&A with the class will determine outcomes; a questionnaire will be sent out to the teacher/class to complete either onsite or electronically after the presentation.